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What is Sustainable Marketing?

Before moving on to how I as a sustainable marketing consultant can help you, it is crucial that there is clarification on what sustainable marketing actually is.

Sustainable marketing is when your marketing has sustainability embedded into every single angle of it. From branding and strategy right through to tactics and governance, it ensures the delivery of value to customers without costing the planet.

It has 4 core pillars within which it operates:

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Redefined success

Sustainable marketing is focused on redefining success. Moving away from the traditional marketing model of ‘engine of growth’ where the sole measure of success is based on revenue/profit generated, to one where marketing acts as an orchestrator of company performance across the three pillars of sustainability (ESG – environmental, societal and governance), all defined by a company’s purpose.

Shared value

Value has traditionally concentrated solely on company benefits. Shared value focuses on value creation throughout a company’s entire value chain from its supply chain right through to its end customer. When translated into marketing, that means everything from which marketing channels you use, right through to your marketing campaigns.

Real People

Leaving the current everyday concept of consumers and surveillance capitalism behind, sustainable marketing focuses on the idea of citizens within their wider communities and rethinking value creation. Rather than driving people to buy more and more, the emphasis lies on creating valuable partnerships with customers where companies are genuinely solving issues both at community and individual levels.

Governance & Efficiency

Traditional marketing is inherently wasteful and awash with greenwashing.

Sustainable marketing requires instilling a governance framework that ensures everything from how your products and services should be legally communicated (e.g. organic, biodegradable, carbon-neutral) right through to how your brand should behave on social media channels and with its data.

The same applies to efficiency. Through embedding new practices, waste will naturally reduce and more cost-effective solutions will be found.

The How.

No two clients are on the same sustainability journey. At Green Eyre, adapting the marketing methodology is paramount to ensuring you achieve your goals.

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The Who.

My name is Alexis Eyre. My journey into sustainable marketing started a few years ago when I was sitting in a boat mid-Atlantic, 1000 miles from land. A plastic chair floated past me. I could never unsee that chair again.

It became the catalyst for me signing up for the Business Sustainability Management course with the world-renowned Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. I was so inspired by everything I learned, I created Green Eyre, a Sustainable Marketing Consultancy, on a mission to help brands make their marketing a force for good.

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A few words

I’m so glad our paths crossed because Alexis has been a god-send. Her advice has been invaluable, her guidance has been steadfast and her ideas have been inspiring. She truly is integral to JUST ONE Tree and I plan to never let her go!

Amanda Bronkhorst, Founder of JUST ONE Tree