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Clim8 Invest.

The Brief.

Clim8 Invest is a sustainable investment platform.

I was tasked with helping increase customer and potential customer knowledge of both sustainable investing and climate-positive solutions connected to Clim8 Invest’s six areas of focus. These pillars were Green Energy, Clean Mobility, Climate Technology, Water Systems, Sustainable Food and Circular Economy.

SDGs for the project

The Results.

Three guides.

I wrote three guides, Greenwashing, Sustainable Investing Glossary and Investing, that were promoted to Santander’s entire network via the partnership set up with Santander’s Career Fair.

330 delegates.

330 youth delegates representing over 140 countries learnt about the powerful lever sustainable investing can play in the clean transition through Clim8 Invest’s sponsorship of MockCOP26.

Increasing customer and potential customer knowledge came in many forms.

From the management of two sponsorship deals with MockCOP26, the youth version of COP26, and Santander’s Career Fair, helping those who had lost their jobs through the pandemic to writing articles and guides for Clim8 Invest‘s blogs, I was involved in quite a few initiatives to spread the awareness of sustainable investing.

Areas Covered:


2 x sponsorship deals, 16 x articles written, 3 x guides written and 3 x sustainable workshops run.



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