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The Brief.

Help EcoSki activate an impactful stand at the National Snow Show without the high carbon footprint commonly associated with attending events.

SDGs for the project

The Results.

Stats 1.

The final carbon footprint was 70% less than the standard company exhibiting in a less conscious way.

Stats 2.

EcoSki became the official sustainability partner for the National Snow Show.

Stats 3.

The blog post on 10 things to make your event stand more sustainable was shared with the 144 exhibitors to encourage wider industry change.

The UK events industry alone is responsible for emitting 1.2bn kg of carbon every single year, the equivalent of approx 261k fossil-fuel cars being driven for an entire year.

I worked with fellow Sustaineer Consultant and carbon footprinting expert, Neil Russell-Bates, to determine how we could minimise EcoSki’s impact. From accommodation and transport to and from the event to the stand design and how we caught customer data, everything was considered and readdressed if the carbon footprint was high.

EcoSki also want to inspire change within the wider industry, so I helped them produce material that was shared with other exhibitors.

Areas Covered:


Design and production of a low carbon event activation.

Content written and shared with the wider industry.

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Rachael Westbrook, Founder – EcoSki

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