JOG Yacht Racing.

The Brief

Build up JOG Yacht Racing’s reputation with the main goals focused on increasing media coverage, attracting new sponsors and increasing membership.

SDGs for the project



Membership has trebled in the last three years.


Three new sponsors and 15 new brand-lead, yacht racing focused membership benefits.



Pieces of media coverage in one year.

With a rapidly changing landscape and sailing participation declining, JOG has a task on its hands.

I took a multi-pronged approach to how not only JOG would acquire new members but also make yacht racing attractive.

I focussed on three key areas: building JOG’s reputation through effective PR, put together a plan on the kind of sponsors and partners JOG would look to attract to build their kudos and help them build their credentials amongst the younger generations through the launch of their youth program, Generation JOG.

Two big wins included the onboarding of Henri Lloyd as the club’s new official technical clothing partner and Clean Sailors, a not-for-profit that will help educate members on cleaner ways of sailing.

Areas Covered:


Plan built out to build JOG’s reputation over the coming three years.


Managing press relations.

Building and managing JOG’s sponsorship, partnership and membership-benefit program.

Launch of their youth programme, Generation JOG.



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